Safeguarding Health: The Essential Cybersecurity Strategies
According to Health Data Management, healthcare is one of four industries hit by 77 percent of all ransom ware attacks. Why are hackers taking aim at our industry? Why is healthcare so vulnerable to data breaches and theft? This roundtable will paint a full picture of why you think your organization is protected but is likely not, and what can be done about it through the latest software, technology and common-sense security strategies.

Ken Kaufman, Solutions Consultant Sr. Principal, NTT DATA Services
Eric Sorenson, Chief Information Security Officer, doTERRA International LLC
Joe Sowerby, CEO, Armored Online and ITUS Med.

Evolving the Commercial Health Payer-Provider Relationship Through Innovative Disruption

Can the old traditional, us-versus-them thinking be overcome to drive better healthcare? It has to. That dichotomy is no longer sustainable. Disruptive innovation is driving commercial health payers and provider together as business partners and providers of quality care, unifying their goals to ensure success. This roundtable explores the disruptions you need to know about now and in the near future.

Arjun Chanmugam, MD, MBA, Chair, Emergency Department, The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Dr. Suman De, Global Practice Lead, Health Plan Analytics, NTT Data Services
John McLaughlin, Executive Director, Health Plans & Government Affairs, Quest Diagnostics

Insights for Innovation: Raising the Bar on Workers’ Compensation Payer-Provider Interaction

The very nature of the beast is fraught with potential mistrust, frequent misunderstanding and seeming over-management. But workers’ compensation providers and payers really want the same thing – effective, cost-appropriate care for injured workers. By working together instead of at odds, these two key players can help build a better process for eliminating fraud and delivering what’s needed to get workers back to work. This roundtable will examine how to bring that about.

Paul A Fontana, OTR, FAOTA, Occupational Therapist, Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc and Fellow, American Occupational Therapy Association
Mark Neer, Senior Vice President, Network & Payor Strategy, Nova Medical Centers